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I have trodden the path

And I’m back, I reflect on everything

I find no gain, not even one


I looked all round

My ears have heard, even

My eyes have seen

In everything that happen

I find no gain, not even one


I found that nothing,

goes for nothing. And

I found that it shall not change. For

In everything that is happening

There will be no gain, not even one


Oh friends oh enemies

Let’s return back home

We have only been languishing

For in everything that will happen

There will be no gain, not even one




Property and even life are unworthy of our struggles without an assurance of securing them. Security from a lay-man’s point of view can be understood as the state of being free from danger or threat.
When a man acquires a property his first and foremost desire is to secure this property from loss or damage. Security is as vital to human as life itself and the obligation to secure in one way or the other is the responsibility of everybody. Now taking a look at the state which is a territory or nation considered as an organized political community under one government, example; our nation Nigeria. Bringing security into the picture gives us the need to widen our scope on the subject of security into national security.
The requirement to maintain the survival of the state through the use of economic powers, diplomacy, power projection and political power is what can be referred to as the meaning of national security. National security in our nation Nigeria cannot be tagged satisfactory meanwhile the resources capable of upgrading this sector are available.
Faced with this important challenge of providing adequate security for lives and properties, corrupt practices have made the accomplishment of this task seem impossible to achieve. Being the number one problem she is faced with, our country, economy and general state has been one we cannot write home about. Even when the will for a change is shown by the apex government, those who Mann government parastatals and even some devilish citizens thwart these efforts by politicizing our peace and harmony. No one can be trusted anymore as even some of the suffering masses have turned into terrorist who go about killing and destroying the same suffering masses, all this owe their origin to the corrupt practices of those who have siphoned a whole lot of money from the public offices and yet they wish to monopolize power and the dividends of democracy. Sometimes, we regret ever praying for freedom, why wont we? When those who we call our brothers have traded our security and well-being for wealth and power. Having succeeded in frustrating the people with their favoritism, tribalism, unlawful killings and incarcerations, our fundamental rights have been taken away and the dividends of democracy still in view.
Actually the concept of security have been misunderstood and interchanged with hatred and unlawful destruction as even our security personnel don’t see us as their clients anymore hence their responsibility to protect and serve the people is only for the rich while the poor is automatically the criminal. Hence, the sight love gets blurry.

Like the feminist (Eve Ensler) once wrote, “it gets easier to lock people up, humiliate them, occupy them, invade and kill them because they are merely obstacles to your security” but what have we all been doing in the past to safe them from the claws of starvation and poverty, many we can say we have tried our best but the message for us is that our best was not enough.
Now for you leaders, can you make that u-turn and move towards love and sincerity in your practices? Officers can you also move towards truth and justice, with love? Fellow Nigerians, can we love and care for one another?
If we all say yes, then our security can be strong, even without rifles.
Long live Nigeria.



Every year over a million kids are admitted into the university. Ninety percent of them are ignorant of the existing mode of life within those walls- one of the main reason they dwindle in number during graduation. In the university we have the good, the bad and the ugly students; yet the new students must mix up.

This mix up actually tells on their immediate and later future- but nobody seems to care. Normally most parents stop checking on their children once they venture into this dangerous environment. Yes, they were thought morals in the secondary school and by their parents from day one, but don’t you think we have to keep reminding them? Religious organization never stops preaching to everyone (parents and children) to keep their faith strong. If that is done to even adults to avoid backsliding, do you think these sudden big boys and girls do not need it?

MY GUIDE THROUGH COLLEGE is written with these aims in mind. We encourage the reader to let this book serve its purpose. Read it often and on as an undergraduate or an intending one. Don’t just read it; follow the instructions therein.

It’s also an embodiment of all information the reader needs.

Fellows; music remains the type of literature that has greatly influenced man and his society. It can be seen as the breath of human emotions and beliefs. It has worked a lot of miracles in the past, present and even the future; like in the story of how it brought saul back to life.
It has survived through ages, but fortunately or unfortunately, the values of every age have always survived in changing its sound. Thereby, giving it diverse branding and more branches
As it arrived our age, it took mostly the form of rnb,hiphop and dancehall. Though, the composition never changed.
Music is meant to pass a message (its value to the audience) and influence (its value to the singer). They now seem to have abandoned the message but instead they listen because everybody is listening. If only they could pause to check out the message, perhaps the praises will get well channeled. Nowadays, a lot of
Or this cause, we have decided to offer you the messages popular musics pass only on

Lagos boys by olamide coming your way soon, only on


A depiction of mine
Yet I might fail to recall
Consequence, of my versatile mind
When would I ever stop
For I was never willing
Encounters with the dead,
Strange, but I never realized
Gold I might have
But really all seems a mirage
Recall that I might surfer nightmare
My escape, as swift as the wind
For I resort to wake
Maybe someday
I might not escape
I wish it be not the mares
A depiction of mine
Vision might it be
Would I ever realize?

Oguntuase oladele


It was one of those cold nights; we were like walking blankets as we retired to the dormitory. Obviously, we longed for our various beds, to get lost in its warm embrace. Our pace depicted anxiety, but the terrific noises stopped us suddenly. It kept us away; making us linger in the cold longer than we ever wanted. The gun shot brought the assurance of danger; we took off like athletes. The race for survival was on and just like in the Olympics only the usain bolts made it to survival.
As we were gathered and made to sit on the grasses outside the dormitories, we never minded to obey immediately we recognized the guns. They marched those who were lucky to have tasted the warmth of their beds out to join us. Sisters, friends, classmates, school mothers and their daughters held tight to each other shedding tears out of the fear of getting raped or killed. At that point, every other possible outcome seemed better. But we weren’t saved by tears. The headlight moving towards us handed us confusion. Immediately it stopped few meters from us, we were bundled onto the rear. It was then we recognized the headlight’s bearer. The space was far too small for us to fit in but that is only if they cared about our convenience. Sitting on one another’s laps, we began the journey to God knows where, the lorry was rickety, it moved reluctantly, made annoying noises and worst of all, the black smoke from the exhaust pipe kept suffocating us. Though we all had our hands over our mouths and noses, we still coughed at intervals.
The sun had only begun her west bound journey when the lorry got relieved of its suffering. As we jumped down one after the other, we recognized the place as nowhere. In obedience we began to march into a very thick forest. Only the sound of sticks breaking and that of leaves rustling beneath our feet prevailed. We were in their company at every side. Our cries have been choked by puzzlement. At first, our journey seemed to be an endless one because we sighted nothing at the horizon.
We have been expected by our strange looking hosts, the cleared area was carefully guarded with barbed wires which could be seen in its struggle of keeping away the bushes. We were ordered to sit on the ground; we noticed their pleased countenances as they looked in our direction. In no time they gave us hijabs and asked us to put it on.
A tall skinny man emerged from one of the huts. He was mean and had a wicked look on his face. He began his speech with” asalam alaikum” which he got no reply to; his speech was delivered in Hausa language, so only few of us were in luck. Part of his speech that captured my attention was;
“You are all chosen by Allah to protect Islam…………………….. Education is a brainwash and a trick into slavery by the white men. All they do is to corrupt your minds with their rotten beliefs……………. This war is for all of us, Islam must stand ALLAHU AHKBAR!”
He did his best in condemning the government, quoting from the Koran most of the time.
From that day on, we lived a very secluded and strange life. We got married to any one of them that chose us. We were never expected to say anything; we only had to nod in agreement to anything they say. We were devoured like dogs. Some days, our hopes would return at hearing that the armies were getting closer, only to lose it at last. We were shipped out like merchandises into Niger and Cameroun. We were their sex objects, human shields, suicide bombers and maids. We returned to freedom one after the other either through escape or recovery by the soldiers. It is a happy ending but not for most of us.


Today, fame has become a do or die affair. Celebrities can do anything to sell and remain in the industry.
Go naked on screen
Sleep around
Turn gay
They believe that once they do it abroad it’s totally amazing. Still they refuse to accept the same whites as their superior.
Now take a look at these lists, and then add yours


it doesn’t matter if it’s out of their league, once people will like it they are game.
They have become whiter than the whites. As long as they eat Chinese food, shawarma, hot dog and so on abroad they must eat it, when it comes to that they have no preference.

Cynthia morgan must show her own German juice. No tattoo? -Are you really an artist? As the prostitute in her last movie, she has to wear pants to the premiere.



They keep stunting, saying craps to linda to remain controversial. Things like; I don’t wear pants and so on

They have to put up with living above their means. Fans expect them to use the latest everything.



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