My observations of people- most especially youths brought to my knowledge a phenomenon i call acquired lifestyle.

The art of adapting to a lifestyle that is neither part of a person’s nature nor nurture. We can also define it as a personality or attitude towards life that one learns and imbibes.

A person’s personality can only be a product of two things.

  1. The trait inherited from the parents
  2. The circumstances that surrounds upbringing.

But when a person attains the age of youth, his/her personality begins to change (knowingly or unknowingly) in accordance with experiences, exposure and/or decision. The person begins to practice something new and eliminate some practices.

A lot of things are at stake during this period, for example; the person’s beliefs, lifestyle, relationships, behaviors and attitude.

It is like a car that gets to two roads that diverge, it either takes the road by it’s left or it’s right. It is the road this car takes that decides it’s destination.

This is the reason why the Bible emphasized on youths at Genesis 6v5;
“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart from youth was only evil continually evil”

For instance; enjoying the taste of beer, wine and spirits is an acquired attitude (it is only a person not in his/her right senses that gives a kid any of the above mentioned) Could a person have the nature of an alcoholic? Not at all! because consumption of alcohol cannot be a trait. It is during the youthful days that a person finds out that majority of people around him do consume alcohol, probably, then, he may begin to see alcohol consumption as good/normal, then ventures into it. The first time he/she does that, he/she will find it appalling, but instead of letting it go, he/she will trick his/her mind into believing that it tastes good. Hence, the person continues to practice it until it becomes normal.

The same thing applies to sex, drugs, indecent dressing, thuggery, killing, prostitution and so on.
It is because of these attitudes we acquire that we have to fight spiritual battles, fast, pray unceasingly because life becomes difficult, not because of any other thing but our acquired attitudes which have moved us farther away from our Creator. We then loose the full protection, Providence and guidance of our Creator because of the acquired attitudes we believe are ways of enjoying life. What needless pain and suffering we inflict on ourselves.

What sort of attitude have you acquired? Instead of inflicting suffering on yourself why don’t you remain a child at heart. Stop deceiving yourself that these attitudes are your personality and that you cannot help it. They have become your personality because you imbibe them. And Since you acquired these attitudes yourself, it is possible you can shed them. Attitudes makes up our identity. If we have acquired a bad attitude we have a bad identity and vice versa. It is therefore incumbent that we assess the attitudes we have acquired.

To Identify good attitudes, the Bible must be the blueprint of your life. The Bible says that there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is death.
Yes, your attitudes might look right and normal in your eyes and that of everyone around you. It might even not be an offense but have you asked yourself what the Bible says about your attitudes, does it smile or frown at it?

The Bible was not made for God’s benefit, neither was it made to benefit the Angels, instead it is part of the grace that we should enjoy. Conform to its standard and the benefits are nobody’s but yours.

Nobody is naturally a sinner, look at a kid, that is how you were made, full of love, goodness and of a pure heart. Having no knowledge of evils like lewdness, pride, greed, corruption and so on. You aren’t any bad boy or girl, you named yourself that.

Ade Richardss

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Dear You,

Few weeks ago, I wrote to a little extent about the three things that causes sin.

LUST OF THE FLESH ( sensual desires)

LUST OF THE EYES (greed and covetousness)

PRIDE OF LIFE (self gratification )

All sins are driven by these three things. Now let’s expand them one after the other. For this week, we shall be taking at look at


You need to stop listening and longing for the approval and praises of human beings. Humans are mere humans, we cannot really help one another. It is the command of God to do things and live for Him and not for men.

Take a look at what king Solomon said here; “Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless, its like chasing the wind” Eccl 4:4.

Now if not all of us, 99% of us are guilty of this sin. We say things like, my mates don make am, my junior brother dn buy car, Chike go Dubai etc. Each person has his or her own race in front of them. Each person’s path in life is different. God has different expectations of different people. He knows what He gave to each, and it is acceptable according to what each person has. It is not about how much better than someone else you or I are. This pride of life is why we take loads of pictures when we go to an eatery, the day we buy new car, the day we buy the latest iPhone, they day we go to shoprite, the day we go swimming, lol! I can keep counting. Funny enough these are simply normal things we don’t need to announce but because we want to show one another that we have made it. Meanwhile these things are not really achievements but we show off these things because truly we are poor(that is topic for another time) Do not compare yourself with other people. You must strive to outdo your own last performance. You are to compete with yourself alone and fix your eyes on Jesus as the ultimate standard.

There is also the other part to this pride of life and that is seeking the praises and approval of humans. Men are one of the greatest obstacle to our obedience to the will of God. It is a fact that one of the things that drive people is the desire to be praised by men. This desire is a major voice we obey and so disobey God. Jesus said, “You like to receive praise from one another, but you do not try to win praise from the one who alone is God; how, then, can you believe me?” John 5:44-45 GNT. The Lord Jesus was saying here that anyone who is following the voice of men’s approval cannot obey God. Also look at this verse; “You were determined to climb up to heaven and to place your throne above the highest stars. You thought you would sit like a king on that mountain in the north where the gods assemble. You said you would climb to the tops of the clouds and be like the Almighty. But instead, you have been brought down to the deepest part of the world of the dead” Isaiah 14:13-15. This also was what caused the downfall of King Saul in the bible. Look at what the bible says here; ‘Then Saul admitted to Samuel, “Yes, I have sinned. I have disobeyed your instructions and the Lord’s command, for I was afraid of the people and did what they demanded” 1 Sam 15:24 NLT Did you notice what happened with Saul? He gave approval to his men to do whatever they wanted, so his men took animals and spoils from a battle that God commanded them to kill everybody and every animal. And that is because Saul needed to be popular and needed their approval. Hence, he disobeyed God and God destroyed him. Now notice that the people couldn’t help when God deposed and killed Saul. So God must be pleased first before anyone else. Although pleasing people is allowed only within the limits of the pleasure of God. When Peter and John were confronted with this kind of situation, they felt everyone should know what is right to do. “Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than to God, you be the judge,” they said (Acts 4:19). To them it was something everyone should know. But many people would rather please men, and many times they tell you it is wisdom. This is why people will look at homosexuals and invite them to come give motivational talks and conferences, they simply want the approval of Americans and Europeans. Its a fact that deep inside them they know its satanic but have to embrace it because white men said it okay – Not God!!! Many are even fond of calling things like prostitution, defrauding, gay, indecent dressing and the likes, they tell you its civilization and that you have to approve them so to show people you are civilised. Some will tell you that everybody is doing it so everybody can’t be wrong. My dear, everybody can be wrong. If you don’t approve they call you myopic, a bigot, an uncivilized fellow etc. It doesn’t matter what they call you or see you as, because they cannot help you my dear. They can’t give you life, they can’t provide for you, they can’t protect you and they can’t make you prosper. They can’t even love you. Only God can do these things. John the baptist said, “A man can receive nothing except it is given to him from above”

Think about it.

In the next episode of this weekly newsletter called Dear You, we shall be treating LUST OF THE FLESH.

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The holy Bible

Someone is controlling you by Pastor Bankie.


All over the country; on social media, media, newspapers and even in the streets, majority of Nigerians blame the current president for every mishaps that has occurred and are occurring within and even outside the country. Starting from the boko haram menace to the current COVID 19 pandemic. This has kept sounding normal (as it is a normal phenomenon to blame the government for everything) until claims about the current president sponsoring most of the activities began to spring up. Though I am not ignorant of the wailers and their propaganda but I advise us to be as much careful with our listening as we are with our speech. Everyday, the storylines gets twisted and worst of it all is that the half truth information keeps sinking. Let us take a look at one of the major issues supposedly sponsored by the current president,


According to; Herder–farmer conflicts in Nigeria have mainly involved disputes over land and/or cattle between herders and farmers in the Middle Belt since the return of democracy in 1999. Often misrepresented as ethnic and/or religious conflicts, they are the result of economical, political and environmental tensions in the country.


Land conflicts:
Conflicts between farmers and herders can be understood as a problem of access to land. The beginning of the 21st century witnessed an expansion of agriculturist population and cultivated land at the expense of pastureland in the Middle Belt. In an already politically unstable region, it has never always been possible to ascertain a legal title to land for every farmer. As a result, transhumance routes of herders were no longer available especially in a context of global warming.

Climatic crisis:
Deteriorating environmental conditions, desertification and soil degradation have led Fulani herdsmen from Northern Nigeria to change their transhumance routes. Access to pastureland and watering points in the Middle Belt became essential for herdsmen travelling from the North of the country.

Regional conflicts in Jos and Kaduna:
The farmer/herder conflicts have been taking place in regions which have been unstable since the 2000s. Urban conflicts in Jos and Kaduna have been particularly violent and, despite violent clashes with the authorities, their causes have never been addressed politically. Conflicts might not have been addressed adequately because traditional authorities have not been fulfilling their role in colonial-era settlements.


The Nigerian government has been unable to address the causes of the crisis. Fighting Boko Haram in the North-East and facing rising levels of violence in different regions of the country, the government has nonetheless tried to implement a few measures.
Since 2012, there have been projects to create transhumance corridors through the Middle Belt. Mostly supported by Northern lawmakers and opposed by their Southern counterparts, these endeavours have been rarely successful.
In 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari tried to create Rural Grazing Area (RUGA) settlements. His decision was met with fierce criticism.


The majority of farmer-herder clashes have occurred between Muslim Fulani herdsmen and Christian farmers, exacerbating ethnoreligious hostilities. Insecurity and violence have led many populations to create self-defence forces and ethnic militias, which have engaged in further violence. Critics and media have accused Fulanis of trying to Islamize the Middle Belt. In 2014, many Nigerian and foreign newspapers widely reported the Global Terrorism Index which ranked the Fulani as the fourth deadliest terrorist group on the planet. In 2019, journalist Tunji Ajibade accused the media of promoting ethnic hatred, by often attributing killings to Fulani herdsmen without any confirmation from the police. In contrast, ethnic and/or identities of attackers targeting Muslim or Fulani communities are often unidentified by the media.
Blaming the herders and the Fulanis in particular for an alleged genocide must be understood in a context of intense rivalry between different communities in the country. In general, the accusation of genocide has been commonly used in Nigeria since the Biafran War. Even if it has been never been proven that the Nigerian government planned the mass killing of Biafrans or Igbos (who were then mostly Christian) between 1967 and 1970, the term is still being used today to describe killings of Christians in the country. Some Christian groups consider the presence of Muslims a threat and disseminate fake news about a supposed Muslim plot aiming at Islamising the whole of Nigeria. One of their strategies is to weaponise the term ‘genocide’ (especially on social media) in order to attract the attention of Nigerian and foreign media. (Source:

The above passage brings to limelight the history, cause and scope of the FULANI HERDSMEN AND FARMER’S CONFLICT. We can deduct from the write up that the conflict has been a reoccurring issue since the year 1999 (before the current president assumed power). We clearly see how the issue has evolved since then. But trust me, it never became an issue from 1999 to 2014. I believe we all called it a simple mishap and went back to our various businesses, especially the wailers. The outcry didn’t get loud as the blame got apportioned appropriately. So in effect, the conflict gained no notice from the government of those days, talk more of solution. Now a government is here, a government that decides to make a move on solving the problem, then bang!


Why don’t we read in between the lines? Aren’t the handwritings on the wall clear enough? After the lies and half truths, they then tell you to vote for their party that that is the solution. And you still don’t get it?#aderichardss


Tell him we have no Einstein,
And we just lost Hawking.

Tell him we will keep firing our shots,
Even though we have missed all targets so far.

Tell him we do not wish to surrender,
Neither are we planning a retreat.

Tell him we know he has taken away,
Our hugs Our affection.
Our numbers our strength.
Our cinemas our laughter.
Our commerce our wealth.
Our worship Our peace.
Our schools our Education.

Tell him we advice him to retreat,
Or get destroyed.
Remind him that we are the apple of His eyes,
Hence, our cry grieves Him,
And He hastens on our behalf.

Tell him that we won’t die,
For we are the height of creation.

Tell him we are the world.


Pics credit:

The Wailers

This country is dead!
This country is hellish!
This country is a dread!
This country is rubbish!

There goes their anthem
I behold their lazy pitiful stupid contempt
My heart is grieved
And my face is teared

For their complain has no end
They rejoice in their anthem
And wail till no end
For the blame must be apportioned

Truly, folly is a bad thing
It keeps a man crying
Crying over a wound he never cares for
With time he begins to rejoice in his crying

Yet, resources are not in lack.



Dedicated to all freshers


Meanwhile, immorality and corruption has continued to thrive amongst students in higher institutions. Today, in every higher institutions, there is more freedom of Cohabitation, casual sex, cultism, fraud, prostitution, malpractice, even money rituals etc.

Is the government also to be blamed for these things? You can only take the horse to the river, you cannot force it to drink water.

Well, what choice have I but to keep encouraging the ones who are plying the right route and to keep crying in the wilderness, just like John the Baptist.

For this reason, I find it incumbent that this second edition is made available to the students- especially jambites and secondary school kids. Although I suffered zero sales of the maiden edition, I did not allow frustration, because the message to be delivered is more important than the proceeds. Thus, in this edition, a different approach has been utilized towards the achievement of the same goal of the previous edition. Clearer explanations, detailed analysis and accounts, more accurate mechanism and the use of familiar objects in the course of explanations are one of the endowments of this edition. I also went as far as giving advise essential for the post-education days. Thereby covering a wider scope and audience. So be rest assured that this edition is nothing like the maiden edition, not because the maiden is below standard but because I took a more interesting approach.

My guide through college has gone beyond it’s previous stage!




A good look at any admission letter above should pass a message. In the first paragraph, it is made clear that the admission was offered only so that I can do JUST ONE THING, and that is to study. This means although it is advisable that I indulge in extra curricular activities, it is not compulsory. If extra curricular activities that could be beneficial to me aren’t made compulsory, this means that harmful activities like cultism, casual sex, exam malpractice etcetera etcetera are not expected of me at all. Not only that they are not expected of me, it is seen as an offence by the authorities, and just as they stated in the prospectus, I will surely face punishments if caught in these activities.

However, after all their warnings, I might still end up indulging in those harmful activities. Is it that I’m strong-headed? Devilish? Corrupt from childhood? Or what?

I might be devilish or strong-headed or corrupt from childhood but what about my partners in the crime. The reason for our indulgence can never be the same. Which leads us to the question of why have they indulged? Let us find out! What could be their reasons?

There are different reasons different persons do different things.

They are;

Peer pressure/influence: This is one of the major reasons most persons do unspeakable things. A girl that is always around her friends who consistently dress indecently and prostitute is definitely going to do these things. Perhaps not because she really likes the lifestyle but just to feel among and be approved by her friends. Likewise a boy who is always around other boys that are cultists, fraudsters, thieves etcetera etcetera.

Mind you, peer pressure and influence is not only suffered by that person who keeps bad friends. To buttress this point, let me tell you the meaning of peer; In my own perspective, your peers simply means those who are within your age bracket. Hence, 99% of persons you meet in college are your peers.

You might happen to keep off the bad eggs but just seeing everyone doing what is bad is oppressive and might even convince you that those bad behaviors are normal. Hence, there’s a chance that you will join the band.
Let me remind you that humans are very trickish, we could trick even our own mind, talk more of another person. We can come up with philosophies, examples, even Bible verses to prove that our wrong-doings are normal.


There are numerous ways to which you can survive the battle, but I will limit my solution to two because I believe that the two solutions below cover a wider scope.

Believe in yourself: Everyone is doing it never makes it right!
Never stop reminding yourself of the code you have decided to live by. You can do this by re-readind and re-meditating on verses from the Bible and other good books.

Be oblivious of these bad eggs: This can be possible by immersion of yourself in your studies, making sure you have no enough time to do bad things, even admire bad eggs.
Keep your circle of friends free of bad persons, better still befriend older and wiser people.

In conclusion, peer pressure/influence is a very effective way people are led into evil. Don’t only keep good friends, appreciate and live in your world with pride.

Nevertheless, some bad behavior and lifestyle are just aftermath of poverty or environmental hazards. But the truth is that there’s no excuse for indulgence in bad activities/lifestyle. Life is never fair to everyone, it’s just that some people are in better state but life is still not fair to everyone. It is not about conquering life rather it’s about the way and manner you conquered it. See circumstances as mere hurdles and mere hurdles will they be to you. Think and consider the future in all you indulge in. Nothing goes for nothing in life. Every bit of your action will be paid for. That’s why there is remission of sins, but there cannot be remission if there is no true repentance.

So I implore you to pass through college and come out in one piece. You’re not expected to get rich or married (though these are not bad if they coincide) during college. You’re expected to become educated in every ramifications, that means you are to emerge from college a better person. This leads us to our next question/topic: WHO EMERGED FROM COLLEGE A BETTER PERSON?



In as much as it seems simple, if this is an exam question ninety percent of students will fail it. This is because the definition people have of a better person varies according to people’s mentality, but fact of life is not a respecter of mentality, so this is the reason why we must have a practical understanding of the phrase A BETTER PERSON.

A person that emerges from college a better person is simply a person who has remarkably grown in knowledge, wisdom and understanding, both in his/her discipline and life in general.
It is a different thing to leave college a literate and to leave college a better person. It is pity that ninty-five percent of graduates today are only literate but has become worse persons. That is why I said that, college has marred more persons than it has made. Most graduates leave college having learned a lot of immoral acts and corrupt practices (some even die spiritually), and increase a little in knowledge.

It can be likened to the story of a lad who gained admission into the university in the year 2005, then he was just fifteen. In this particular year this lad has little or no understanding and knowledge about life, the society etc. Then by 2009, this lad can only tell you a little about the course he studied. According to the society, this lad has become a literate but not a better person because the lad is supposed to have grown in knowledge and understanding of life, it’s purpose and Maker alongside his learning.

Yes! a man can be called educated yet lack wisdom, even the knowledge he has is just limited to his field and nothing else. Is this man a more knowledgeable person than he was? Yes! Is he yet a better person? No!

As education, exercise, dieting, all have their essence in life, so does wisdom, having a knowledge about life, it’s essence, origin, meaning and Maker.
There is that one and only knowledge that could make man a BETTER PERSON, not only a better person than he was but a better person in the society and that is the knowledge of God and His will. Every other things are just secondary!

More illustration:
A prostitute that graduates from college is only better than she used to be in the aspect of her discipline but has become even worse than she used to be in body, soul and spirit. It is not advisable to reckon with this person or follow this person-in as much as she is literate, because not only has she failed to become a better person, she has gone worse. Same thing with a cultist, thieve, fraudster, sex addict, drug addict etc

If these persons have a good knowledge about life and God, they would not venture into such things or rather they would’ve stopped living their life in that manner. They would’ve been morally upright, full of good ambitions and gearing up to accomplish their dreams.

Now that you know

Having analysed and understood this little thing. Taking the path of reckless living is like committing a wrong knowingly. You have not only come to be educated in only your chosen field but to learn how to fit into the society. Without a good personality, you can never fit into the society instead you shall be like a virus that will keep on polluting the society by inflicting pains on people directly or indirectly. Meanwhile you will have only one destiny, a meaningless life and eternal damnation.

The society is an entity of people. The world have been divided into diverse volumes of society because it is a necessity. Man cannot survive as an island. This means that every constituents of the society is expected to serve and be served in return. That is, you as a member of a particular society is expected to add value to people’s lives so that values can be added to yours in return. It is only with this pattern that a society can survive and prevail. A person cannot be seen to fit into the society without having a value he/she adds to people either within his immediate environment or beyond. What then are the values that we are referring to? Anything that you do which benefits people positively is a value while that which benefits people negatively is a menace. Although your occupation is the paramount medium through which you can/are expected to add value to the society, it is not the only. Your attitudes, hobby, activities, dealings, belief and so on either adds value or menace to the society-depending it’s kind.
Hence, it is therefore imminent that we acquire the right personality and belief while schooling. Go in pursuit of knowledge about your field of study alongside attitudes, etiquette, human relations, life, purpose and above all God. For even though you graduate in flying colors but are still ignorant about those other things, you have failed and can hardly fit into the society.

It is a fact that you will encounter distractions and temptations. These temptations come in numerous forms. They majorly take the form of fellow students and extracurricular activities on campus. They can get so interesting and seem meaningful that a person void of knowledge and discernment will end up falling into them. It is therefore important to be armed with the necessary knowledge and understanding. This Knowledge can be gained through reading through continuous study of your Bible, reading gospel books, great books by great authors (not just any book), listening to teachings and prayers. Doing these things continuously while shutting of indulgence in mediocrity will transform your life.
The Bible says, ” you shall know the truth and it shall set you free” with knowledge, distractions and temptations can only be encountered but not fallen for.



Your education shouldn’t end in the lecture hall. As you pass through school allow school to pass through you. Everyday, a lot of good programs and activities are being held in higher institutions. Endeavor to participate in these programs and activities.
Also make sure you join a good group, club or/and associations. We have numerous clubs/association/groups. For example; toastmasters, rotary club, scripture union etc.
Try to add good values, if not to the school in general, at least to some students. You can even start a small group on your own with which you can use as a platform towards adding value to fellow students.
If you can, create a relationship with your lecturers and even those in authority. This relationship shouldn’t go beyond mentorship, counseling and guidance.
Utilize the school resources. Every school has a library, research facility and so on. These resources would aid in your search for knowledge.

Remember that everyone is doing it doesn’t make it normal. Saint Paul said, “all things are permissible but not all things are profitable”
Like I forewarned You, you will find many vices on the campus. Evils like cohabitation, casual sex, prostitution, stealing, cultism, gay, lesbianism, exam malpractice, are normal. Students that are into these things are not seen as bad persons, because these evils are normal things. Persons who are not into any of these things, most especially casual sex also known as dating), exam malpractice, scam (also called yahoo yahoo or G) are seen as abnormal and immature.

Even one senseless adage says, “if you cannot beat them, join them” Let me announce to you that whoever does such is a fool being driven about by the wind. Evil things can never turn into good things or rather be justified just because everyone is doing it, or they do it in civilised countries like USA.

God cannot, and has never lowered the criteria and he is not planning to. Everything you do in life is a seed, and mind you, that seed will germinate and mature in the future. So it is better you live for yourself than for people’s approval. Live a life that pleases your God and forget about people. The Bible calls anybody driven around by every wind of doctrine a fool.

Be conscious of the future during of the days of your youth. Destiny is simply what you make of your life. You cannot take the road to owerri and end up in Abuja. Take the road to a bright future and you will end up in a bright one. Remember, you cannot eat your cake and still have it. If what is happening on social media determines your approach to life, my dear your possibility of failing in life stands at over 95%. If the great persons of this world were busy during their youth having casual sex (an evil they disguise with the name DATING), clubbing, etc they wouldn’t have ended up as great persons. It was because they lived a unique life, a life of focus, vision, dream and perception.

Read your Bible, read good books (especially gospel books), research and read about great people both in your career and outside it, listen to audio sermons, music that pass good message, motivationals and teachings instead of some noise they call music, keep friends who are on the same lane with you and focus on pleasing God and attaining a great future, and my dear, your spirit, soul and body will thank you.

In conclusion, when you are living life in accordance with the direction above, do not even notice those ones wallowing in sin and heading to destruction, instead look at them in pity and try sometimes to help them by talking to them. Forge ahead with your life, keeping your eye on the greater days ahead.

Meanwhile, I wish to inform you about the oopportunities you could assess as a student.
Knowledge they say is power. It is a pity that most students do not know a lot about the opportunities available to them. Due to this they end up suffering needlessly and complaining while a solution for their problem lies somewhere. The government, non-profit organizations, bodies and even individual philanthropists roll out opportunities for solving student’s needs in form of diverse programs. For example; Quiz competitions, scholarship exams, essay competitions, student loans and grants and many others.

There are websites that deal on informations relating to scholarships, student loans, grants, competitions and so on. You can do well to subscribe to these websites so as to get updates.



After a good observation, I found out a common phenomenon amongst Nigerian graduates, and that is protracted season of joblessness.

Just as we are sure that mosquito is the cause of malaria so is unemployment the cause of joblessness. But to prevent malaria we make sure our environment is tidy or we use the mosquito nets, likewise every disease can be prevented by one method or the other. This means joblessness is a preventable problem.
After a survey was conducted on final year students by the global citizen’s initiative group of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, in the same school by the year 2015, the survey proved that seventy percent of the final year students of that year had no specific plan for themselves after graduation.
A proverb says, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Most of these graduates have failed to plan for the post uniuniversity days or rather post education days (that is after graduation) and due to that, they end up in a confused state after Nysc. It is ninety percent possible that if these persons had plans they would’ve been employed within few months of their graduation. It is this protracted joblessness that leads them into scam, migration, prostitution and even armed robbery.

The need for a job after graduation is as important as the need for a tertiary education.

It will be a great step towards the eradication of unemployment if:

Students start planning towards the post university days

The responsible authority can introduce a course or a program into the university curriculum that will educate students (especially they final year students) on life after school.

However, let me give a little bit suggestion on how students can plan their post university days.
This is a very simple task. A student should begin by asking him/herself the below questions:

What do I want to be?
Where would I like to work?
What do I do to make sure I secure a job with the company I would like to work with?
How do I set up my business after graduation( for the business inclined)

These are the questions students must find answers to before graduation. For instance, a student who wants to be a banker and would like to work in the banking sector- perhaps a particular bank, must start getting himself or herself acquainted with every detaills relating to the banking sector. He or she must find out the requirements for working with this sector. Study the interview process and if possible past interview questions. Then this student can go as far as making an acquaintance of the stakeholders in the banking sector, informing these acquaintances of his/her vision and asking these acquaintances to mentor them. It is even advisable that this student should show up at occasions pertaining to the banking sector if he/she has the chance.
With the accomplishment of the above tasks, it will be natural that this student will end up in the banking sector within the first year of his/her graduation because he/she had taken time to study the banking sector, therefore understanding the banking sector which would help him/her in gaining entrance into the banking sector. This same approach could also be applied to every other industry.

In conclusion, unemployment is a very destructive problem, so try as much as possible to forestall it before you leave school. If not, you will graduate into a very sorry state.





Oguntuase Oladele who goes by the pen name Ade Richards is a writer, public speaker and an entrepreneur. He is currently studying Modern European Languages at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state. He is a native of Ondo state, Nigeria.

You can read his works by visiting and subscribing to his blog



After a good observation, I found out a common phenomenon amongst Nigerian graduates, and that is a protracted season of joblessness.
Just as we are sure that mosquito is the cause of malaria so is unemployment the cause of joblessness. But to prevent malaria we make sure our environment is tidy or we use the mosquito nets, likewise every disease can be prevented by one method or the other. Hence, joblessness is a preventable problem.

After a survey was conducted on final year students by the global citizen’s initiative group of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, in the same school by the year 2015, the survey proved that seventy percent of the final year students of that year had no specific plan for themselves after graduation.
A proverb says, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Most of these graduates have failed to plan for the post education days (that is, after graduation) and due to that, they end up in a confused state after their National youth service program. It is ninetynine percent possible that if they had plans they would’ve been employed within few months of their graduation. It is this protracted joblessness that leads graduates into scam, migration, prostitution and even armed robbery.

The need for a job after graduation is as important as the need for a tertiary education#aderichardss


A great step towards the eradication of this problem could be realised through:

  • Students start planning towards the post university days
  • The responsible authority can introduce a course or a program into the university curriculum that will educate students (especially they final year students) on life after school.

On a personal note, I suggest that a student should before graduation start asking him/herself the below questions:

  • What do I want to be?
  • Where would I like to work?
  • What do I do to make sure I secure a job with the company I would like to work with?
  • How do I set up my business after graduation( for the business inclined)

These are the major questions students must find answers to before graduation.

For instance, a student who wants to be a banker and would like to work in the banking sector, perhaps a particular bank, must start getting himself or herself acquainted with every details relating to the banking sector. He or she must find out the requirements for working with this sector. Study the interview process and if possible past interview questions. Then this student can go as far as making an acquaintance of the stakeholders in the banking sector, informing these acquaintances of his/her vision and asking these acquaintances to mentor them. It is even advisable that this student should show up at occasions pertaining to the banking sector if he/she has the chance.

With the accomplishment of the above tasks, it will be natural that this student will end up in the banking sector within the first year of his/her graduation because he/she had taken time to study the banking sector, therefore understanding the banking sector which would help him/her in gaining entrance into the banking sector. This same approach could also be applied to every other industry.
In conclusion, unemployment is a very destructive problem, so try as much as possible to forestall it before you leave school. If not, you will graduate into a very sorry state.



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The day begins at the OKÉ hill- situated at the north of the village. That is where they housed it – a mere carved wood it is, yet, a king cannot command it’s degree of respect on that day. They begin before sunrise by giving it a bath, they even apply makeup on it.
Then a carrier is summoned. The criteria for being a carrier is having a pure heart. He is helped in the course of lifting it onto his head, after which the festival begins.

Then the villagers troop out to reverence and worship it all day long.

They kept shouting:

Aba o!

Shaba o!

As they Marched round the village under the leadership of the carrier. To keep expressing joy is a rule, for it is a god of happiness.
By sunset, the carrier returns it to the hill. There they made closing prayers and supplications to it. Then return to their huts full of faith.

Happenings at ogbagi Akoko



The elephants are very mighty,

In strength, beauty and glory

He they been blessed.

Before them, our weakness can’t be concealed.

We cannot hold back from admiring,

Even as we keep rebelling.

Oh! How it will please us,

That they resort to worship and adore us.

That in spite of our weaknesses and mediocrity,

That they make us king over them.

Even while we sustain both through them,

And with them.



Oh! young generation
Why do you choose degradation?
Your morality stinks,
How bad it stings.

Oh! young generation
Why have you chosen perversion?
What can I liken your mediocrity to.
To evil your praises go,
Even in your shame your soul takes pride.

Oh! young generation
Why have you chosen corruption ?
Making atrocity a nature,
In abomination you nurture,
Learning the ways of evil faster.

Oh! young generation
Can’t you hear your ancestors’ lamentations ?
For in you they found disappointment.
Like the white skinned people,
You name folly civilization.
Yet, in provisions of culture are you blessed.

Oh! young generation


The inhabitants of Durku behaved indifferent towards us. Everybody we reached out to simply drove us away. We kept gallivanting round the village till the west welcomed the sun. Having no success in neither the filling of our belly nor the putting of a roof over our heads, we sat on the hot sand with our backs against a hut no strength remained in us. We didn’t mind being beaten when the hut owner finds us.

I was standing beside my mothers grave in company of frank. He kept wiping my tears and rendering words of encouragement. Then he made me sit under a mango tree while he ran off to get me water. As I was drinking, I coughed and spilled it on my body. This ignited my coming back into reality. As I opened my eyes, I saw him standing before me holding out a cup of water. “Are you okay?” He asked. He introduced himself to us while I snatched the cup of water – which I gulped down with greed.

He had us freshen up, eat and drink. We were engulfed in fear but we didn’t bother to ask questions. He kept smiling as he watched us ravaging the meal. Then Idowu said, “Oga don’t worry we go do you well, if you can just help us to cross the border.” He began to laugh loudly, and we got embarrassed. I kept imagining what might be the price for this kindness. Instead of relieving us his laughter terrified us.

We had finished eating when he stood and left the room, then returned with a lighted candle. That was when we realised that it was already dark. He cleared his throat, then began, “The funny thing about you Nigerians is the way you take everything you hear or see to the extreme. In as much as you people are blessed with talents, wit and a great country indeed, you channel your gifts into nonsense. The desert is filled with Nigerians’ footprints. You are always zealous towards accumulating wealth but in the lazy and quick way. A nation full of covetous but lazy people (especially youths of these days) who their desperation has no rival. All of you want to go abroad, dupe people, sell drugs or even do money rituals. Instead of learning from your great predecessors like Awolowo and co, you suddenly learnt laziness, covetousness etc. You are going abroad, what sort of money are you looking for? The one that will destroy your soul and body before you achieve it. The question is, after you’ve made it, how do you enjoy it?”

“Oga you know our country is very hard, it’s not our fault” I defended.

That provoked him because he shouted at me to shut up. He kept quite for a while, then he continued; “All the time you Nigerians are causing troubles, when you get to these countries you only bring evil into them, you either prostitute or sell drugs or scam people. You people are not the only underdeveloped country for crissake. The problem of you Nigerians is nothing but covetousness, laziness and stupidity. These countries you run to were built by people like you, they did not appear out of nowhere. It’s always Nigerians in Malaysia, Nigerians in Brazil, Nigerians in USA, Nigerians all over the world. Those wit and intelligence you people use in those countries, go to your country and use it to do a positive thing there, start a company, invent something, solve problems, think positively for goodness sake! but in your case it’s money! money! money!!
My dear I am sorry to say but it is a useless people you current Nigerians are. Now you are on your way to Italy, when u get there men and dogs will start sleeping with you at every corner of the street, worst part is they video the whole thing and even tie you up. Over five men will sleep with you in a single day. After all that barbarism, you gather the money, go back home, build a house, buy one expensive car, then u start claiming big girl but the truth is that you are a walking dead. My dear let me announce to you that that is not wealth. Even if you must travel out, Why can’t you go to these countries and do something great there? Or better still stay in your country and do great things? But instead you perpetrate evil. Don’t you know that the wealth that comes from evil is only an Illusion because that is not wealth, it only looks like it. I will advice you now, to follow me back to Ghana, when we get there I will book a flight to take you back to Nigeria. Go back to your country, get educated whichever way you can, don’t expect good things to come easily, life is not fair. Once you get a cert, get a job, if you can’t find one, make a job or travel to a country through the legal way and get a decent job there. That is what is called hard work and fulfilment. Now are you ready to go home?”

“Yes sir!” I declared as tears flowed down my cheeks while Idowu was silent.

He asked her the question again, “are you ready to go home?” And I do what said NO!

I was shocked that I couldn’t say a word, I kept staring at her as She stood up and said to me, “what will people say when you get home?” I watched her leave the hut. I tried going after her but he stopped me, and said, ” She has chosen her path, those words I said were obviously not for her but for you. It is true that she is your sister but the both of you does not and can’t have the same path. Let her go”

That was how I returned home, reunited with my mother, started a part-time course in the polytechnic. Now I own a super market and I am married with four kids.

I have not heard from nor seen my sister since then. Yes, that is her path.

My name is Yemi and this is my story.




that’s what she called the place. It’s a small village from where we were to board a jeep that will take us across the border into Libya.

After raping us all, madam UC pleaded with the leader to drop us at durku. He refused at first, they even left. She had began to sob when they suddenly pulled up beside us again. “Na because say you corporate oooo, but Na only three persons we fit carry, unless one person go enter booth” he announced.
I’ve never seen madam UC that grateful. She knelt countlessly in appreciation, later, she took IJ aside. After some minutes they returned and she told him that I J has agreed to manage the booth.

The car gave no problem this time around, it kept speeding while they kept arguing on football. I kept imagining how IJ must be feeling.

When we got to Durku, reality dawned on us, it was impossible for us to board a jeep. All our cash and valuables were gone, courtesy of our helpers who raped us. She had us wait inside one abandoned hut while she kept moving around asking everyone for help. She kept returning with bad news. It’s either she muttered “No show”, “dem no gree” or “I’m fed up” whenever she returned. By the second day we had no choice but to drink from the stagnant water in front of the hut. You just go there, bend down and sip it, come back in and sit back down on the ground with your back against the wall. We had gotten too hungry and tired to gist, all we did was think, drink the dirty water and sleep. At a point my sister, madam UC and ij began vomiting. I could not afford to expend energy on crying. We remained that way till one morning (the third day). Two men walked into the hut and summoned madam UC outside. We could see her kneeling and pleading with them but we didn’t know what she was pleading for this time around. We kept watching the scene with questions running through our minds – were we in trouble? Are we getting raped again? Will they help us? etc

After some time they left, she came back inside then said, “Dem say they go fit carry only me go so I got fit cross go bring money then come back come carry una. I beg them make una follow me say I go pay once we enter Libya but dm no gree. We no get choice, una go wait for me make I go then come back come carry una”
“When will you return? ” I inquired. She promised to return the next day, IJ asked her why she couldn’t return that same day, she informed us that it was a four hour journey and that when she gets there, she will have to wait till it’s dark before she could cross- to avoid being caught by the immigration officers. She told us that it was all going to be over in no time. Advised us to remain indoors and calm just as we’ve been, then left. I moved closer to my sister and cuddled her in tears.

The sun set and rose, it was the D-day. She should be back today. We took turns in stepping outside the hut to look out for her. We gisted a little that day because the hope gave us energy. By dusk one of the two men arrived. We all stood up at the sight of him, we were anticipating a let’s go from him, instead he informed us that madam UC was caught by the border patrol yesterday and had been thrown into jail. My sister collapsed before he could finish talking, ij and the other one broke down in tears while I got busy sprinkling water on her face to wake her. To my amazement, the man took off.

After I awoke her, I asked them a rhetorical question, what do we do? After a while IJ stood up and announced that she was going to beg for food and seek help, then she left.

“This is it!” I said to myself, “it’s better we follow her oooo! ” I told my sister who reminded me of the danger. “Should we now sit here and die?”

To be continued
Ade Richards


A few hours later our car broke down. The scorching sun was merciless on us. Everybody kept to her water can while the driver was busy with it. He had convinced us that it will be up and running in a jiffy. In a matter of minutes, my gown had become soaked, likewise everybody. Madam UC lamented, “you drivers are too mischievous, I asked you before paying if you are certain that this car is in good condition, you said yes. Now, look at this” she kept pacing around the car and checking her wristwatch.

Two hours on, he was now pacing and looking at his phone screen. He said he’ll have to call his mechanic friend. Suddenly Madam UC exploded, “this man you’re very stupid, l believe you’re trying to rob us and I’m sure this car is in good condition” He also got angry and replied annoyingly. Consequently, a quarrel broke out between them. we gathered behind her and began assisting her in the duel.
“Girls we have to trekk, this man is a thief, he wants to rob us. Let’s be on our way before he reaches his friends!” She announced. She took her handbag, handed it over to me, then we set out. Looking forward I got convinced that the journey will be endless, I believe that was how my colleagues felt but who are we to complain. We followed her like sheep following their Shepherd. Although she kept assuring us that the journey only looks endless but it is actually a little distance. “Just a little more and we’ll meet other drivers that will carry us” she kept voting.

The fact that the sun has begun to set gave us a relief, but the fact that we were in possession of no torch except madam UC’s phone which had no torch was horrifying. She kept cursing the driver and complaining about the lack of torch. She drank her water once in few hours while we kept drinking and pouring ours on our heads every minute.
Ijeoma had ran out of the water by the time we sat down to rest. Madam UC noticed it and shared her own with her. “We’ll continue by ten, so you can sleep if you want to,” she said, recollecting the fact that the ground was hot she added, “just pour water on the spot you want to lie down, we’ll soon get to refill the cans, just two or three hours more”

While others slept, I and madam UC kept sitting. I was wondering what could possibly happen while she was looking in the direction we came from. Suddenly she sighed, then said, “I knew it, wake the others it, the thieves are here”, instead of giving me hope the light from the car gave me heartache. “Aunty, what do we do?” asked Idowu. She was silent a while before replying, “we have nowhere to run, let’s pray they don’t rape us”. The news came to me as a shock, we kept staring at the approaching car. It was exactly that situation when doom is about to happen to you and all you could do was anticipate the possible damage it might cause.

As the car oozed to a stop before us we began to cry because the countenance of the men that were stepping out of it assured us of getting raped. “Oga this thing you did no good, I knew it,” said madam UC to the driver. He told she’ll lose her life if she spoke again. “Everybody remove your clothes!” Bellowed the shortest among them. “Again?” I whispered as I zipped down. “You no Dy hear!?” The driver asked madam UC. She sighed, then began to strip. They packed everything thing on the car bonnet, the driver and one of them began to search the pockets of every dress. They announced to the short one that they found only three hundred thousand cefas inside madam UC’s handbag. “So you have buried the remaining abi?” he asked madam UC. We didn’t burry anything abeg, that is all we have” she answered.
“No wahala, Oya lie down!” he ordered her. “Oga abeg, Na beg I Dy beg, Biko just take the money, Biko” she pleaded. “You Sabi as we Dy do am madam, abeg lie down make I do comot here”. He slept with her a little, then asked me to lie down. I obeyed without delay, while I watched as the others took turns in raping madam UC. Then it dawned on me that the boss must go first before the others. Which means we shall all suffer the same fate she was suffering. Within a matter of minutes, we all had someone on us. I heard madam UC saying, “easy oga!” to one of them. I looked in my sister’s direction, shame overwhelmed me when her gaze met mine. The tears on her face dehumanized me, I closed my eyes in regret.

To be continued

Ade Richards


Though, having done a concise account of the Biafra wr Achebe was a little biased. Although I don’t blame him as it was his human nature and little knowledge of the effect of the war on the side of Nigeria that prevailed.

It is obvious from his account that ojukwu is to be blamed. Ojukwu kindled a fire which he wasn’t prepared to contain and expected less damage than he did. Instead of taking a decision that would have given the igbo masses a better chance towards survival, he was busy nursing his pride. Imagine his refusal to consult persons like Azikiwe. I believe ojukwu was actually trying to be a hero by taking advantage of the evil caused by that coup. His response was too sudden, thereby giving the igbos no time to prepare. Imagine him telling them He was going to seek help while he was going on exile. What else is abandonment?

Taking a look at Achebe’s steady condemnation of the federal government’s actions during the post war days. What other attitude does he expect from Nigerians towards the igbos having experienced rebellion on their side? the fact still remains that the igbos raised their hands and voice against them a few months ago. The policies by the federal government during and after the war is justified. If the Igbos were in the shoes of Nigeria they would’ve taken the same action of cutting food and relief supplies to Nigeria. I believe Awolowo suggested that idea to force the igbos to lay down their arms. He only disguised the strategy to be a move in support of the federal government. After all, the Awolowo tried to prevent the war in the first place.

Nevertheless, Achebe gave an unbiased opinion on corruption in the country. What captivated me most is the great achievements and zeal towards greatness by the youths of that generation. If the present youths have taken after them I believe the country would’ve attained a good measure of development. Instead, the present day youths are busy migrating, committing fraud etc. Worst of all is that they are proud of their shame. This is much reason why I support the election of old generation over them, because the youths that are busy looking for fast money that are the same ones to be given a chance in governance. I bet the country will suffer the real corruption in their hands. I’m not saying the youths should not be given a chance but they should be reoriented before giving them the chance. The brave spirit and courage the youths of that generation posses is almost nowhere to be found today. Those youths thrived in their different fields, studying abroad by them was obtained by merit. In as much as they go to the developed countries to study, they did very well and come back to their nation immediately, with the zeal to uplift it with their knowledge. But what have we today, youths disappearing into European countries under the pretense of studying.?The worst part is that they thrive in only one field there and that is fraud, selling drugs and prostitution. The zeal to uplift their own nation is not in them. They don’t care about anything else outside becoming rich. Look at how the youths of those days took the bull by the horn. Gowon was only 33, ojukwu was just 30, and so was the others. Their blame goes to the government meanwhile the youths of those days achieved all they achieved under the colonial masters.

In conclusion, I opine that Achebe should’ve have also looked at the Biafra war from Gowon and Nigerians’ perspective. This would have made his account unbiased.



You drive me to and fro.
Your gifts are sometimes,
A reason to laugh,
But like a revenge, they turn out to be reasons to cry.
I keep digging, digging for a simpler
Means to happiness.
Is it stalling?

Perhaps it would never come.
I live in complete anticipation.
Numerous change in decisions.
I’m driven confused.
Oh! is it my wrong doings?
Some say time,
Some say hard work and dedication

You drive me to nd fro,
Yet I can’t leave you.



We arrived at Niamey (Niger’s capital) at exactly 7 pm. We trekked about two kilometers to where she said her Friend lives. The woman was around six feet tall, hefty and has a very bright complexion. They exchanged greetings and afterward marched us into a bungalow. She has an exotic house and from the look of things, she is rich. They told us to take turns in taking our bath in the guest room’s bathroom. She even gave us new blouses to change with. Our mood lightened up when we were invited to the dining table. We were served fried rice and chicken. Her benevolence came as a surprise to us, unlike the other one who left us in a dirty bar where we got raped.

“Girls” she began, “first of all let me commend you for taking a step towards making it in life. You see, life is not a bed of roses, to make it is not easy. I was just like you in the year 1981, I spent twenty years working for my madam before she finally freed me. Your madam here is even nice, she offers ten years in as much as she has to run away by her twenty-fifth year of working for her madam. There is nothing much in this thing, people keep saying rubbish about going to Italy but is it not better than sleeping with broke people in Nigeria? Although ashawo no be work, life gives us no other choice. It’s all about the money, after you’ve made it will people mind what you did? They will even associate with you. See me now, I have five houses, four in Nigeria, and one here. And as you can see I’m enjoying my life. What else do I need in life? Although I’m not married, what will men offer you? They will start commanding you and telling you that they’re the man of the house, I don’t care about marriage, any time I feel like I find a man to….you know what I mean” at this, they both laughed, then she continued “so when you get there don’t betray your madam ooo! , Don’t run away with a man oooo! They will ask you to run away with them, claiming they love you, then when you do, they will start using you as their sex slave, they will lock you up in a room, bring countless number of men to sleep with you and they will film it all and sell it to porn companies. If you refuse, they will call the police. And when they’re tired of you they will throw you out, so serve your madam well, when you complete your ten years she will give you the connection you need and you too will start making money. Hope you all heard me!? ”

“Yes Ma!” we echoed.

She then asked us to go sleep so as to get enough rest for the journey ahead. As we retired to the room, confidence and hope were evident on our faces. Finally, I and my sister talked as we lay side by side on the rug. She was the first to sleep off, having no urge to sleep, I lay there thinking about my old helpless mother who we’ve left behind and my boyfriend Chucks. I wished that her sister, Iya Rachael will take her to her place as soon as possible and assume the responsibility of taking care of her. I vowed to call her immediately I get the chance, then I remembered Chucks’ advice, he had warned me not to embark on this journey, he was very caring and to be honest, he gave me all I ever needed and always promised to send me back to school once he starts working ( he was a corper then). Obviously, his advice fell on deaf ears as my sister- who was the first to meet madam UC made sure she convinced me, giving me instances of a lot of girls that have gone to Italy and are sending money to their parents. “Even that small ogechi have built a duplex for her mother” she kept saying.

Madam UC”s tap woke me up, she kept shouting Oya!! Oya! Oya! I could remember my sister going into the bathroom, madam UC asked her what she was up to, ” I want to bath” she replied. She gave a little laugh and told her to tag along. Her Friend stood by the door wishing us a safe journey as we marched into the dark morning.
By the time the sun rose, we were staring at an endless sea of sand through the window of a golf. The view was the same on both sides, it was terrifying.

To be continued

Dear mediocres,


It grieves my heart whenever I read or hear about this rubbish, because I tried to make sense out of it but I failed woefully. I could remember asking one of you what knowledge this program impacts in her, she said, ” I don’t even know, it’s just interesting” The passing of a message is the paramount importance of every form of art. It is because something passes a message that it’s entertaining.

All because of money and fame, a band of immoral mediocres retire to a house and get married without a bride price. Everyday the devil is introducing new schemes, it’s a pity that our youths don’t waste time in embracing these things because those are what they want to hear.

Sorry to say this but you are tools in the hands of the devil. Please bring up TV programs that teach our youths good moral values, decency, life purpose and about God. Stop adding salt to injury, allow the youths to return to their senses for crissake. Look out there, prostitution is on the increase, money ritual and yahoo is now rampant among kids in their twenties, drug abuse, sexual immorality has become normal. Shall we continue this way and expect a bright future. Stop glorifying indecent dressing, stop promoting fast money, stop promoting casual sex. You’re killing the nation. If you’re possessed by the devil seek deliverance or practice the evils within yourselves and not come and tell innocent youths that it’s normal.

Gender equality is evil!
Indecent dressing is evil!
Fast money is evil!
Casual sex is evil!
Gay is evil!
God never made sexuality that is evil!
They are not normal!
They are evil!
Evil is evil!



Now go to the market place, stream, street, tell everybody to tell everybody that olubunmi- sango’s mouthpiece warns that nobody should conspire with a stranger to bring an epidemic into the village and if anyone is about to do so, he/she must withdraw immediately.

They did not listen because one sunny afternoon, while having palm wine at sumedo’s porch, thunder struck them dead.

Then came the messenger again, he hit his gong then said; “everybody should tell everybody that the corpse of olu and femi must be left at the spot where they fall, for they have conspired with a strange witch doctor from Ikare to bring an epidemic into the village, as we all know, sango does not make empty threats” Hence, it was a taboo for their families to cry or be sober over their death.
We gathered at the two families’ houses not to console them but to find out if they are sober. “abi eh n’binu?” we kept asking them. Some even spit on their corpse. Then came the seventh day, we all gathered to search for the
for if they aren’t found, an epidemic shall spread throughout the village. we have never been that patriotic.
Suddenly Ojo the drunkard shouted; Mo ti ri! then fainted. we poured water on his face to wake him up. Two drums of red oil was contributed in no time. Ojo must throw the into the drums. He was handed a with which to pull them out of the ground then throw them into the drums.
He pulled out the female first, took it and threw it into one of the drums, the oil sizzled and blackened. I don’t know if that was why Ojo fainted again. We had to pour water on his face again, He pulled out the male too, threw it into the other drum.

It was over, the two families can now go and bury and mourn their dead


JOURNEY TO ITALY…. untold stories of a returnee

It all seemed harmless and simple just like she said, but not until we arrived at Maiduguri. she asked us to wait at one local bar while she go buy us hijabs. she had to wake us by the time she arrived, then she marched us into an inner part of the bar where we changed into the new outfits. since it was already getting dark she decided we spend the night at the bar. we simply went back to our former sits. we sat together looking like a band of muslim wives.

oh! sorry my bad, my name is yemi, with me were i.j, amaka, kemi, idowu- my kid sister and our leader madam u.c. she only collected fifty k from each of us to cover the feeding and miscellaneous, the tfare was supposed her goodwill offering to us, like she said.

So, at around midnight, strange looking men started arriving, some just waved at us while some kept staring at us like they’ve seen some wonders. They all kept drinking concoctions, one of them offered us but we refused. Laster on one of them who seemed like their leader summoned madam u.c outside. They discussed at length before she came back to join us. we got suspicious when one of them closed the door, before we turned to look at her she had started; “they are the area boys and they are asking for money, i cannot afford to pay them everything so they agreed to sleep with all of you as compensation”. She saw disagreement written all over our faces, so she told us they would kill anyone that does not cooperate. Before she finished the vote of confidence one of them walked up to me and drew me by the hand. “oya wait!” i told him, then i undressed right before everyone there, madam UC urged others to do the same. we all got shared, i.j was asked to lay on her back on the dirty ground, likewise idowu and kemi, i guess mine preferred standing as he made me bend down. As he was having me, I kept staring at madam u.c who just sat there pressing her phone. They kept exchanging us throughout that night until they accepted her pleading to stop at around 5am, by then i had counted nine different men. I turned around to check on idowu only to find her bleeding through her genital, shame could not let me speak to her, instead I watched her clean the blood with a rag she found on the ground. We all dressed up and sat back down in silence as we were too ashamed to even look each other in the face.

She left but returned soon enough in a keke napep this time, we boarded the Keke and the journey continued.

to be continued

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Arigidi had declared war on us, fear spread throughout the village, everyone remained indoors -as the Arigidi people are known for their strength. Just a night before the invasion, Ohoho- a native doctor informed us all not to step outside our abode for anything until sunrise. By the next day we awoke to find dead bodies of Arigidi soldiers scattered all over the market square. We got relieved once again and the village returned to normal.

One day, ohoho decided to find out if we were grateful to him, so he asked his wife to go announce his death at the market place. After her announcement everybody returned to their various businesses and this grieved ohoho’s heart so much that he vanished with his wife.
The oba got so angry at all of us that he ordered that we must all march round the village singing praises to ohoho.

As we marched we sang as follows:

ope ka idu o!
seun ano o!

The oba declared the event an annual festival and even named a house at Ajuta high school after ohoho.



After his return from the war he began suffering from the trauma of war, the locals labelled him insane. At 68, he could still carry a big log of wood and walk two kilometers without resting.
He was still in possession of his gun, so, he took to hunting alongside tilling on the small farmland Oguntuase loaned him.
He talked only to one person, and that is himself.

He was abnormally tall, has an oval face, deep eyes and a big feet that couldn’t fit into any foot wear.
He married Yemi -the rice seller. He was kind and caring, though he rarely talked, his affection compensated her. She bore him only one girl- Besede, who he enjoyed telling war stories.

Then came the ebira into yemi’s life, few days later the story of her unfaithfulness was everywhere, trust ogbagi indigenes, they are skilled in the art of gossip.
He preferred not to ask her but became vigilant. One sunday evening, he overheard her praising the ebira.

The next day, he caught them in the act, right in his farm hut. Iyeye kutu overwhelmed him with pleading and eulogy, out of respect for her he left.
Yemi withdrew to her father’s house but returned after few months. His silence kept everybody in the dark about his reaction to the issue.
One night while telling Bosede war stories he showed her a new sharp cutlass, she asked him what he needs a cutlass for, he said; I want to use it to kill your mother. Bosede left in fear to inform her but on getting inside she found her asleep. She decided to inform her in the morning, then she felled asleep beside her.

4 am, Yemi was waked by the noise his machete was making as it rubbed a stone outside. She stepped outside and asked him what he would like her to prepare while coming to join him in the farm. He walked towards her, finding his countenance dangerous, she took to her heels. As she crossed the gutter, his aim at her neck did not succeed but took off some strands of her hair. She slipped and fell into the gutter, but before making a plead her head had flown off her neck.
After standing over her corpse for some minutes, he left for the farm.

Bosede told the police what must have happened, so, they went after him. They found him hanging by the neck on a rope tied to a kolanut tree. The village priest ordered that an eight feet grave be dug right below the corpse, after that, the rope was cut allowing the corpse drop into the grave. The cutlass was thrown into the grave as well, the walnut tree got felled as well.
After some weeks, the corpse got exhumed and was burnt to ashes by the priest, He needed the ashes to prepare a charm.

happenings at ogbagi akoko


SLAY QUEEN; that’s the name we gave the evil to make it seem normal, glorious and harmless. Into this keep falling our young girls. speak against them then you are uncivilised and the don’t know what’s up. You are even supposed to respect them and adore them as a gentleman. Everybody with a swollen pocket is qualified, even an imbecile.

The richest boy in town; especially those ones that squander money is always their main target, if he does not succumb they go as far as using charms. They don’t mind if he is married or under age? not at all.

It has become an industry, they even wear the image everywhere in pride.
Yes, the economy is bad but ask them what they are trying to accomplish with the money?
Their destiny is italy, dubai or malaysia, where they are used as sex slaves and sleep with dogs before everybody. When they return, they manage to empty their savings to acquire a car and there she goes- biggest girl in town.

Then a foolish innocent rich person will fall into their hands and they get wedded. When his pocket runs dry they move to the next guy or even snatch someone’s husband, after all IT’S NORMAL

But are these normal too? men’s life being destroyed, children rendered immoral, young boys driven to money rituals and fraud and families torn apart

To cap it all lesbianism, drugs, weed and stealing are their virtue, oh sorry i forgot it’s their nature -the way God created them, so why discriminate them?

Then when men marry these animals they are expected to be a gentleman by worshiping and doing all her biddings while she presses her phone all day, order the latest rag they call clothes and go shopping.

At the age of three her daughter gets to wear bump shorts, leggings, shortest possible skirt, show back and so on. come on these things don’t mean anything, they are the latest fashion in town, everybody is wearing it.

Her birthday party is not negotiable, buoyant or not the man must buy her the latest car if he really loves her. when old age start showing up on her skin she must fly out to have a cosmetic surgery, enlarge her butt and boobs.
HER daughter has given birth and the omugwor should be attended by a nanny as she cannot handle the stress.
The man dies, good, she needed a replacement, she picks one out of her list of admirers and life goes on.


Six years on, Dauda survived- he neither got suspended, expelled, repeat ss2 nor even dropped out. He has risen to that peak, the stage that gives him immunity to those annoying labour bell, prep bell, assembly, errands, even classes.
six years ago it seemed impossible but now he blesses his father instead of curse him -as he does not wish to run away like victor anymore.
He wasn’t elected a prefect and that pleased him, as he needed no commitment at all. He couldn’t risk loose enjoying truancy because of one post like that.

Beside him remains Ebuka, He still scolds and protects him, The bond only grew stronger.

But as a senior he must abide by some stupid rules like no going to eat at the school dinning. He is to survive by extorting juniors and tapping. He even owns a kitchen in the bush where he cooks his own food alongside his friends.

He came to be on the side of the bad boys and got very notorious. He broke virtually all the laws until his graduation in 2009.

The End


Ebuka’s love for him grew stronger, he even scolded him whenever he fights, ” it’s not that you’re strong, everyday you’re fighting” 

Meanwhile, Dauda had gotten used to school life. One Sunday afternoon, he met Senior buddy-a very handsome boy, who looked and behaved like a girl. Fair, average height, roundish face, straight legs and his most cherished feature- curly hair. That moment he took Dauda as his school son and became very kind towards him.

As time elapsed Dauda started enjoying his new school father, he stopped going for labor and even became immune to punishments from seniors, as his school father was the most popular student in the school. With time he got used to senior buddy, he started spending more time with him than Ebuka. He even moved into senior buddy cubicle and became entirely far from Ebuka. Sometimes he wonders why senior buddy treats so kind- he irons his clothes, protects him and feeds him well. 

One night he found his answer. He cries whenever he remembers the incident. He was preparing for bed when senior buddy gave him a glass of juice. In few minutes he started feeling dizzy, his vision got blurred and
everything was upside down. Senior buddy locked the door and window, stripped and stripped Dauda too. He forced him into a sexual intercourse with himself. Dauda couldn’t resist due to an unusual weakness, he simply laid face down looking in forlorn. Even when senior buddy finished, he was still in the same state.

When he woke up,  he got confused, he was unable to understand what happened

To be continued  

Ade Richards


It was on a Saturday, after the sanitary inspection, they were all free to go stand by the school gate. They stood there waiting , the turning up of their parents, a fact they aren’t sure of, yet they held on to faith. 

Dauda had called his father last week to inform him. He plans on telling him his wish to leave the school, and this time, he must win the argument. He kept reciting his defense  speech.

Parents were showing up  one after the other, each student jumps in jubilation once he/she sees their parent(s). The end to every other person’s wait sickens the heart of those yet to meet their parent(s). Dauda and Ebuka kept gallivanting around the school gate, their patience was fast diminishing. By evening, Dauda had began to sob. Ebuka kept convincing him of his father’s arrival. relief came to Ebuka when his mother finally showed up. He introduced Dauda to her. She told them to eat together and also share everything she brought equally. 

Dauda’s resentment towards his father gained momentum. He wondered if he will even come to take him home when they vacate. 

To be continued

Everyone was right, few months on, Dauda had gotten used to the school, though he disliked everything from the intimidation by the seniors, the dirty pit toilet, the watery beans, waking up so early and the ugly compound. Ebuka was his only source of happiness , their friendship grew famous.
One monday afternoon, Dauda was at the dining as usual, it was his favorite meal. They were twenty one on an old long strong table waiting to devour a pot of rice. They had hunger written all over their faces. The stainless plates were lined up before the pot, the plates were arranged according to their sitting position, the ones at the front had their plates nearer to the pot. The food was shared by ifeanyi okpala. The partiality was obvious, when he got his own plate of rice, he couldn’t bear it this time. He stood up, then asked ” this boy what is wrong with you?”
Ifeanyi only sighed and continued with his food. Dauda snatched his plate of rice and served him his. “You too eat that one” he said as he sat back. The boy gave him a dirty slap on the head, he attacked the boy and a fight broke off. The dinning prefect took them to the stage and had them kneel facing the wall. They remained that way until lunch was over. Then the prefect asked ifeanyi what happened, “he took my food” he explained, “senior!” Dauda exclaimed. “Shut up!” he shouted at him. he pronounced his verdict to them; twelve strokes of the dogoyaro branch each.


Dauda couldn’t reconcile with being awake by three am. He stood on the pavement trying to figure out what on earth could be the cause of waking him up at that ungodly hour, even his father scolds him for waking up at five am.

As he walked towards the queue, he discovered that everyone was holding a broom, a cutlass and a hoe each.The sight of Ebuka gave him hope of getting answers to his unasked question. “Today is inspection, go and bring your broom, cutlass and hoe” Ebuka announced. He hurried back inside, on his way out he found senior mike flogging late comers with a big cane as usual, his heart sank at the realisation that he has fallen a victim to the big cane. “Smallie come here” ordered senior mike. “He was on the line, he went to bring his broom” Ebuka interfered on his behalf. Ebuka had come to care for and love him, the expression Dauda saw when he caught ebuka’s eyes convinced him of that. Senior mike then ordered him to join the queue.

Dauda’s heart was still racing when he joined the senior boy’s queue, one of the seniors pushed him away as he said, “go and join your class” dauda stood staring at the senior in anger. Ebuka drew him to the junior boy’s queue. All eyes were on him, senior mike walked up to him and asked him, “you want to fight your senior?” He waved his head in response . he was warned against such, then senior mike climbed onto the pavement and began his speech as usual. 

At the end of the speech, Dauda followed him to his cubicle as that was his portion( the name they called a space you sweep), make sure you sweep it very well, I’m coming.” He informed, then he picked up a football and left. 

Dauda kept on repeating the sweeping in fear of senior Mike’s big cane. He was about to do it the eighth time when a smaller senior walked in. “Where is Mike?” He inquired. “He went outside” dauda shot back. ‘Okay dada” the senior shouted on his way out. He wondered why they could not pronounce his name well.

After the ninth sweeping, he packed the dirt with a paper and left the room. On getting outside, he was amazed at the sight of everyone wearing white shirt and trouser/short. Ebuka motioned to him to come forward, which he did. He took the dirt from him and asked him to go wear his clothes. “I’ve not bath!” He told Ebuka who insisted he should do as he said. He obeyed anyways.

They stood beside their bunks like soldiers in parade as they await the inspector. The whole process was weird to Dauda- the neatly made beds, the unusually tidy room , everybody on whites; even senior nzube. 

The inspector was a black son of a bitch. He was putting on a wide rimmed spectacle like that of Dauda’s father. He got carried away with admiring the inspector that he missed taking part in the greeting. The man walked around the room nodding his head. “Good” he murmured and left.  He overheard senior nzube saying, Ebigwe hates this house, we would fail again. He picked the name and said it to himself

To be continued

Ade Richards


After we sacrificed

Mammon surfaced

Yet a dream Forbes list remains

Nevertheless our debt remains
Homage the locals render

Though aware of how tender

Our time must endure

Oh! What a blur
Even in this Merry time

We wish for a rewind of time

Our sons we must teach

How to fish
For our merit

They can’t inherit

As to perish with our property

Is our only destiny
Ade Richards



It was very early in the morning, dauda was the first on the junior student’s queue. He watched as senior mike lashed some boys mercilessly with a big cane. He imagined himself receiving a cane that size,  he wondered what the boys must’ve done, he was terrified. His heart sank when senior mike asked him to come, he approached slowly as he tried to figure out what he must’ve done wrong. “How are you?” The senior asked to his surprise. His heart grew hot in relief. “Why are you afraid smallie? I won’t beat you” promised the senior. He placed his arm on his shoulder, then began addressing other boys. After his speech, he looked down at Dauda again, and remarked, “Nna, this boy small oh……” “What is your name ?” senior zai, “Dauda” he announced.

 The quadrangle got lively as everyone got amused. “How old are you?” senior mike enquired. Everyone was stunned when he announced,  “eleven!”

At the class that his ugly short form teacher changed his seat from the back to the front, right in the middle of two girls. Not even a word transpired between him and the girls throughout that day. After classes, Ebuka took him to the staff room-he had informed him of how dangerous it is to keep money in his tinker box. Mr Akintunde (ebuka’s guardian) was a tall mean looking man, Dauda kept looking into his eyes. He handed him the money which the man kept in his drawer. “Boy what is your name?” He asked . “Dauda!”.

Ok, you can go” he dismissed them. On their way to the hostel, ebuka told him all about Mr Akintunde. 


To be continued!
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He heard a ​thunderous AMEN!!. It was all intriguing, this time he used his brain, for he joined the large number of students he saw moving out of the hall. Ebuka caught up with him and announced that they were headed for the classroom.

Dauda was flogged for the first time for dozing off. He cried so loud that other kids began to laugh at him. He got awed seeing the boys who were flogged alongside him laughing. 

“Why are you laughing? didn’t he flog you?” His question provoked more laughter. He pushed one of the boys in anger, as the boy was about to retaliate Ebuka stood between him and Dauda. “Leave him chikelue, don’t you know he’s new?” 

The senior that flogged him returned few hours later, he flogged some other boys for sleeping again but Dauda wasn’t a victim this time. As he left chikelue whispered, “that is senior Chima, he’s the prep captain. Very wicked!” He stared at chikelue in amazement, chikelue nodded towards him, and that ended the feud. He went back to staring at the pictures on his French textbook, suddenly Ebuka closed it and handed him an English textbook. He opened to the first page and to his amazement he saw a picture of a Fulani man standing before his grazing cattles. His face beamed with a smile, then he began reading the passing below it. 

The bell went, indicating an end to the night prep. Dauda wandered where that sound must be coming from. Ebuka tapped him on the back, “ngwa, let’s go!” he said. As they approached the hostel, Ebuka asked if he was a Muslim, “No!” Dauda replied. “Which church are you going” Ebuka asked . Dauda replied, ” assemblies of God” “okay, go to Benue house quadrangle” directed Ebuka.

Dauda met chikelue at Benue house quadrangle, they stood together and after the prayers they left together, on getting to anambra house Dauda bade him goodbye as he ran off. He watched chikelue got engulfed in the darkness in front of Niger house. He wondered why the darkeness started there as he retired to bed.

To be continued

Ade Richards


At the sight of You, dagon bowed

Oh! How foolish and blind

Have I been. Was it You?

Your will to let me behold

And see how miserable she is?

Please do not let me see light,

Once I venture towards the dagon-like light.

For in your presence,

Life is like the still waters.

Ade richards


Anybody that touches you, just come and tell me but don’t disrespect your seniors”.
Well, it worked on dauda. He went to the field that evening, he was chosen to join a football team of five boys from his room to compete against room two boys. He had fun doing what he loves but never had the chance at home. He liked the sight of many children playing on the large field. Some were running but most were playing his game. Girls were gathered together towards their hostel doing what he couldn’t figure out. He unleashed his great skills. This made him new friends and a new status in the eyes of all. 

On getting to the hostel, there was a long queue at the tap, he noticed that the queue consisted of only junior students. Seniors would come and ask them to leave the tap, they stood some distance away from the tap and watch while the seniors take their bath. 

That was the day he met Ebuka who offered him half bucket of water from his reserve.

He even accompanied him to the big bathroom they call laundry. Dauda turned away from Ebuka as he was about to strip, he stopped half way leaving his pants on, he bathed with it on.

Ebuka laughed at him, as they retired to the room, he told him he would soon get used to school life.

When the bell was rung, he asked, “Ebus what is that sound”? Ebuka told him ” it’s time for dinning, let’s go! prepare” Dauda started getting into his white shirt, He got annoyed when he heard Ebuka laughing. Ebuka opened his tinker box, handed him a checkered shirt and khaki shorts, “that’s what you should wear” he said.

At the Dinning, Dauda watched everybody eat, he couldn’t eat with everybody looking at him like that. His eyes caught Ebuka’s who motioned to him to eat. The beans was very appaling, he stopped at the fourth spoon and stood up to leave. Ebuka motioned to him to sit down. Suddenly he heard, “bow your heads” which he obeyed

“For the food we have eaten we thank you oh Lord!”

To be continued



LIKE a life ticket it is.
Failure we couldn’t tolerate.
Though it is allowed,
Yet, disaster we tag it.
Scarce, is the luxury of time.
For like robots we were stopped.
Even the battle against fear,
We ne’er won.
Success became a matter of luck,
but only before the sequel.
Cos disaster still struck.
If only wishes were horses


I know a sober Stealer

As ruthless as the Norse men
Mercy he won’t give
Yet, a gift he soo desires
He owns all, but
None he made

I know a sober Stealer
His deeds are beyond pardon
But guilt he embraced
That in solitary he finds solace
For it saves the world from him
And to him an opportunity 

To reflect and regret

I know a sober Stealer
Who acknowledge his sins
But like days past
He is still on that path


LAMENTATIONS ( first draft)

At the sight of You, dagon bowed

Oh! How foolish and blind,

have I been. Was it You?

Your will to let me behold,

And see how miserable she is?

Please do not let me see light

Once I venture towards the dagon-like life again

For in your presence,

Life is like the still waters



I know he’s too young but we have no choice, we cannot keep him home for one whole year, it would be detrimental to his brain.


That was my father in a discussion with my uncle. My case has become popular. At the age of eleven everybody believed I was too young to go to secondary school- talk more of living there. But my father refused to harken to them. As the headmaster of the only primary school in the local government area, this qualifies him as the spring of wisdom in the village. His decision to send me far away to boarding school at a tender age was the final, not just as my father. His bald head gives him that look of a wise man, age and poverty have shrinked him physically but not mentally. I take his big eyes, round face and most of all his gentle look. The idea of education appealed to him a lot. My good grades never surprised anybody. He forced his formulas, theories, definition and so on down my throat. Perphaps if my mother hadn’t died during my birth she would have saved me from his tyranny. I have no choice, I must go! I wonder what it looks like to remain within a compound and never to see home and watch movies; though under his supervision, play with bello and other kids from the next street on Sundays, then count the cows being driven by those men with rags around their head. I won’t forget that day when one of their cows ran off, he went after it and while running his rag felled. We laughed so hard tears came down our cheeks. Whenever I remember that incident, I laugh just like I’m doing now. He finally got what he deserved for beating those innocent cows. I’ve heard stories of ghosts tormenting kids that live in the hostels. Maybe I should tell my father about it, he might change his mind because of it. Though there will be many children to play with at the hostel but I don’t know them. I have no choice! Federal government college, Nise; I don’t even know why he loves the school that much.

That was Dauda, he passed the federal common entrance examination in primary four. Like he said, his father doesn’t joke with education- science and mathematics to be precise. He looked eight at the age of eleven and has been condemned to the boarding house. He knew none of the kids, even his roommates seemed to avoid him for weeks. By the third week, he became home sick. He would go away from prying eyes just to cry. Senior Nzube shocked him the day he asked him why he likes crying. 

“I want to go” was his reply. The room head did his usual job of convincing every jjc that  the place would appeal to them soon enough. “Anybody that touches you, just come and tell me but don’t disrespect your senior oh”

To be continued!!!

An Excerpt From My Guide Through College

Every year over a million kids are admitted into the university. Ninety percent of them are ignorant of the existing mode of life within those walls- one of the main reason they dwindle in number during graduation. In the university we have the good, the bad and the ugly students; yet the new students must mix up. 
This mix up actually tells on their immediate and later future- but nobody seems to care. Normally most parents stop checking on their children once they venture into this dangerous environment. Yes, they were thought morals in the secondary school and by their parents from day one, but don’t you think we have to keep reminding them? Religious organization never stops preaching to everyone (parents and children) to keep their faith strong. If that is done to even adults to avoid backsliding, do you think these sudden big boys and girls do not need it? 

MY GUIDE THROUGH COLLEGE is written with these aims in mind. We encourage the reader to let this book serve its purpose. Read it often and on as an undergraduate or an intending one. Don’t just read it; follow the instructions therein. 

It’s also an embodiment of all information a new student needs

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  • The serious ones: you meet some of them in lecture hall and you have also heard about them, they are the book worms, the lecturers are their friends, they excel in academics and they are held at high esteem when it comes to academics.  But they “look” boring and cheap.
  • The big boys/girls: You also see them, maybe in their flashy cars, or they just walk by-looking expensive and very adorable.  They are fashionable and also well respected.  You’ve heard about their luxurious life and their extravagant spending and you say to yourself, well, it is because their parents are rich or maybe they are yahoo boys/girls or runs girls.  They look exciting and cool.
  • The bad guys/girls:  You’ve heard of their activities too, how they command respect and perhaps, money.  Their activities might sound either appealing or appalling to you.
  • The S. Us:    You have heard or seen less of them.  They dress decently and are never noticed.  They are concerned with church/mosque programmes.  They go about preaching.  Yes, their life might seem boring to you.

Wait, before you make your choice let me remind you of something. You are here for one reason and that is to study a course you have chosen.  Your parents are at home, they are proud of you because you are now in school, they are ready to shoulder your needs, so they keep sacrificing their time and fortunes. Also, remember that your time here would soon be over and then everyone, especially your parents would be expecting you to go for your service, get a good job and start life on your own.

You are you, and nobody can look or be just like you.  Your nurture, nature and spirit are very unique.  If I were you I will not compromise it, because I would always stand out, though that is if you have good nurture, nature and spirit.  How do you identify a bad nurture, nature and spirit?  The bearer always breaks the law, he or she always wants to cheat, deceive or hurt people.  He or she has never been in a relationship- either friendship or affair, for a long period of time.  He or she is just unacceptable.  So if I were that person with a bad nurture, nature and spirit, I would change it for good.

Remember that life has no duplicate, life is never a bed of roses, nemesis exist, health is wealth, the patient and focused dog eats the fattest bone and that God is the author and finisher of your fate, the alpha and omega- So your ways must please him.

Once you have these things in mind and meditate over them every day, even every time, then, you are free to make your choice.




Remember to always remember why you are in school only to study.  Don’t spend any day without studying!!!

It has been proved by researchers that your friends will always influence your reasoning. Keep good ones!

Honor every persons. You haven’t arrive, there are over one billion students like you, so you aren’t the first neither will you be the last!!!

Fear God and try knowing Him more everyday. How? Read your bible daily

Keep decent relationship if you must, not a sex mate disguising as boyfriend/girlfriend. Cohabitation will destroy your life, especially as a girl!!!

Try befriending your lecturers, not the other type of befriending oh!!! 

It is better you don’t go now than become a drop out. Like olamide said: you don’t have to drop out to fulfill your dreams. You also need that to make it!!!

Make the library your second house. There are books you can’t afford that are there, and they are free!!!

You are not to live to impress. Live for yourself. Nobody fell down from heaven!

You can find more of this tip in MY GUIDE THROUGH COLLEGE, a self help guide for students. Available on, and


Firstly, what do we mean by your world?; it simply means the kind of life you are living. 

Are you the type that keeps clubbing? 

Then that’s your world

Or Loves Christ?

Then that’s your world, and so on.

It is very important that you create your world. What I mean by this is having the rules you live by, in other words, your policies.

It is a sign of mediocrity when you are likened to anything goes.

So what kind of world are you creating for yourself?

This depends on your values, ambition, nature and nurture. 

For example:

A person who wants to be a musician start early enough to do music stuffs.
So decide what you want to live and die for, then start practicing . Have confidence in yourself, your belief, your values as these things make you up.

Make sure your world is unique. Be like nobody but learn from people before you. Be proud of yourself.

Peer influence affects only fools. Instead of being influenced, influence people. Do things because you want to. 

Nobody felled from heaven!!!

Everybody is human just like you, so why fear them, envy them, worship them or rather love them more than you love other persons. 

God asked you to love your neighbour as yourself, He didn’t direct you to love anybody specially or more.

Finally, live and let live!!!
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A self-help guide written out of love for the younger generation has just hit the shelve of amazon, okada books and olx

MY GUIDE THROUGH COLLEGE is authored by oguntuase oladele with Levi Emmanuel c. This maiden edition gives new students clear foresight towards college. 

Remember, it’s best to do things with knowledge.

Like the author said,

“In as much as the college is a place for building persons intellectually, the same college has marred persons”

About the authors

Oguntuase oladele aka ade richards is a final year student of nnamdi azikiwe university, awka. He majors in modern European languages. He has been writing since be was twelve. He keeps a blog at this address where his fans never get enough of his works.

Levi Emmanuel is a graduate of  nnamdi azikiwe university, awka. He’s an entrepreneur, speaker and also a writer. He owns levi Nautex enterprise ( a company that owns and runs several start ups within awka, anambra state)





I have trodden the path

And I’m back, I reflect on everything

I find no gain, not even one


I looked all round

My ears have heard, even

My eyes have seen

In everything that happen

I find no gain, not even one


I found that nothing,

goes for nothing. And

I found that it shall not change. For

In everything that is happening

There will be no gain, not even one


Oh friends oh enemies

Let’s return back home

We have only been languishing

For in everything that will happen

There will be no gain, not even one




Property and even life are unworthy of our struggles without an assurance of securing them. Security from a lay-man’s point of view can be understood as the state of being free from danger or threat.
When a man acquires a property his first and foremost desire is to secure this property from loss or damage. Security is as vital to human as life itself and the obligation to secure in one way or the other is the responsibility of everybody. Now taking a look at the state which is a territory or nation considered as an organized political community under one government, example; our nation Nigeria. Bringing security into the picture gives us the need to widen our scope on the subject of security into national security.
The requirement to maintain the survival of the state through the use of economic powers, diplomacy, power projection and political power is what can be referred to as the meaning of national security. National security in our nation Nigeria cannot be tagged satisfactory meanwhile the resources capable of upgrading this sector are available.
Faced with this important challenge of providing adequate security for lives and properties, corrupt practices have made the accomplishment of this task seem impossible to achieve. Being the number one problem she is faced with, our country, economy and general state has been one we cannot write home about. Even when the will for a change is shown by the apex government, those who Mann government parastatals and even some devilish citizens thwart these efforts by politicizing our peace and harmony. No one can be trusted anymore as even some of the suffering masses have turned into terrorist who go about killing and destroying the same suffering masses, all this owe their origin to the corrupt practices of those who have siphoned a whole lot of money from the public offices and yet they wish to monopolize power and the dividends of democracy. Sometimes, we regret ever praying for freedom, why wont we? When those who we call our brothers have traded our security and well-being for wealth and power. Having succeeded in frustrating the people with their favoritism, tribalism, unlawful killings and incarcerations, our fundamental rights have been taken away and the dividends of democracy still in view.
Actually the concept of security have been misunderstood and interchanged with hatred and unlawful destruction as even our security personnel don’t see us as their clients anymore hence their responsibility to protect and serve the people is only for the rich while the poor is automatically the criminal. Hence, the sight love gets blurry.

Like the feminist (Eve Ensler) once wrote, “it gets easier to lock people up, humiliate them, occupy them, invade and kill them because they are merely obstacles to your security” but what have we all been doing in the past to safe them from the claws of starvation and poverty, many we can say we have tried our best but the message for us is that our best was not enough.
Now for you leaders, can you make that u-turn and move towards love and sincerity in your practices? Officers can you also move towards truth and justice, with love? Fellow Nigerians, can we love and care for one another?
If we all say yes, then our security can be strong, even without rifles.
Long live Nigeria.



Every year over a million kids are admitted into the university. Ninety percent of them are ignorant of the existing mode of life within those walls- one of the main reason they dwindle in number during graduation. In the university we have the good, the bad and the ugly students; yet the new students must mix up.

This mix up actually tells on their immediate and later future- but nobody seems to care. Normally most parents stop checking on their children once they venture into this dangerous environment. Yes, they were thought morals in the secondary school and by their parents from day one, but don’t you think we have to keep reminding them? Religious organization never stops preaching to everyone (parents and children) to keep their faith strong. If that is done to even adults to avoid backsliding, do you think these sudden big boys and girls do not need it?

MY GUIDE THROUGH COLLEGE is written with these aims in mind. We encourage the reader to let this book serve its purpose. Read it often and on as an undergraduate or an intending one. Don’t just read it; follow the instructions therein.

It’s also an embodiment of all information the reader needs.

Fellows; music remains the type of literature that has greatly influenced man and his society. It can be seen as the breath of human emotions and beliefs. It has worked a lot of miracles in the past, present and even the future; like in the story of how it brought saul back to life.
It has survived through ages, but fortunately or unfortunately, the values of every age have always survived in changing its sound. Thereby, giving it diverse branding and more branches
As it arrived our age, it took mostly the form of rnb,hiphop and dancehall. Though, the composition never changed.
Music is meant to pass a message (its value to the audience) and influence (its value to the singer). They now seem to have abandoned the message but instead they listen because everybody is listening. If only they could pause to check out the message, perhaps the praises will get well channeled. Nowadays, a lot of
Or this cause, we have decided to offer you the messages popular musics pass only on

Lagos boys by olamide coming your way soon, only on


It was one of those cold nights; we were like walking blankets as we retired to the dormitory. Obviously, we longed for our various beds, to get lost in its warm embrace. Our pace depicted anxiety, but the terrific noises stopped us suddenly. It kept us away; making us linger in the cold longer than we ever wanted. The gun shot brought the assurance of danger; we took off like athletes. The race for survival was on and just like in the Olympics only the usain bolts made it to survival.
As we were gathered and made to sit on the grasses outside the dormitories, we never minded to obey immediately we recognized the guns. They marched those who were lucky to have tasted the warmth of their beds out to join us. Sisters, friends, classmates, school mothers and their daughters held tight to each other shedding tears out of the fear of getting raped or killed. At that point, every other possible outcome seemed better. But we weren’t saved by tears. The headlight moving towards us handed us confusion. Immediately it stopped few meters from us, we were bundled onto the rear. It was then we recognized the headlight’s bearer. The space was far too small for us to fit in but that is only if they cared about our convenience. Sitting on one another’s laps, we began the journey to God knows where, the lorry was rickety, it moved reluctantly, made annoying noises and worst of all, the black smoke from the exhaust pipe kept suffocating us. Though we all had our hands over our mouths and noses, we still coughed at intervals.
The sun had only begun her west bound journey when the lorry got relieved of its suffering. As we jumped down one after the other, we recognized the place as nowhere. In obedience we began to march into a very thick forest. Only the sound of sticks breaking and that of leaves rustling beneath our feet prevailed. We were in their company at every side. Our cries have been choked by puzzlement. At first, our journey seemed to be an endless one because we sighted nothing at the horizon.
We have been expected by our strange looking hosts, the cleared area was carefully guarded with barbed wires which could be seen in its struggle of keeping away the bushes. We were ordered to sit on the ground; we noticed their pleased countenances as they looked in our direction. In no time they gave us hijabs and asked us to put it on.
A tall skinny man emerged from one of the huts. He was mean and had a wicked look on his face. He began his speech with” asalam alaikum” which he got no reply to; his speech was delivered in Hausa language, so only few of us were in luck. Part of his speech that captured my attention was;
“You are all chosen by Allah to protect Islam…………………….. Education is a brainwash and a trick into slavery by the white men. All they do is to corrupt your minds with their rotten beliefs……………. This war is for all of us, Islam must stand ALLAHU AHKBAR!”
He did his best in condemning the government, quoting from the Koran most of the time.
From that day on, we lived a very secluded and strange life. We got married to any one of them that chose us. We were never expected to say anything; we only had to nod in agreement to anything they say. We were devoured like dogs. Some days, our hopes would return at hearing that the armies were getting closer, only to lose it at last. We were shipped out like merchandises into Niger and Cameroun. We were their sex objects, human shields, suicide bombers and maids. We returned to freedom one after the other either through escape or recovery by the soldiers. It is a happy ending but not for most of us.


Today, fame has become a do or die affair. Celebrities can do anything to sell and remain in the industry.
Go naked on screen
Sleep around
Turn gay
They believe that once they do it abroad it’s totally amazing. Still they refuse to accept the same whites as their superior.
Now take a look at these lists, and then add yours


it doesn’t matter if it’s out of their league, once people will like it they are game.
They have become whiter than the whites. As long as they eat Chinese food, shawarma, hot dog and so on abroad they must eat it, when it comes to that they have no preference.

Cynthia morgan must show her own German juice. No tattoo? -Are you really an artist? As the prostitute in her last movie, she has to wear pants to the premiere.



They keep stunting, saying craps to linda to remain controversial. Things like; I don’t wear pants and so on

They have to put up with living above their means. Fans expect them to use the latest everything.




Was it by coincidence or chance? I don’t really know but all I know for sure is that I discovered my passion and talent for writing before the age of ten.
I would write novels, stories plays but they all kept ending up in the dustbin, not even one reader. Well, by twelve I was determined to break that jinx, its still fresh in my memory, I mean the day I took my novel to a printer, I walked in confidently and asked for the printer. “how can I help you boy?” the ugly woman inquired, I lost confidence at once when I stared at the face, “she must be wicked and lousy,” I said to myself. “Good afternoon Ma, I wan t to print this novel” I whispered, she didn’t hear me and again he scary voice hit me with fear, Eh?!. I faced the ground- a way regaining confidence, then I came again, “I want o print this novel”. She took the twenty leaves exercise book from me, I leaved it through and laughed “Nna, who sent you”? She asked in between laughter. I waved my head and that was when the worst happened the remaining three women has joined in the laughter, “Let me see”, the other woman said and took my object of laughter from her, then came a vote of no confidence from the printer herself, “Nna don’t mind them, it is good but where would you get the money to pay?”
“I have it with me,” I replied. Surprising she asked, “Let me see”. I brought out a dirty five hundred naira note and the laughter intensified. “See go and call your mother” she said, and then I started leaving at once. I’ve had enough, “Come!” she called, I couldn’t look or go back to the shame so I took off.
That demoralized me, I quitted writing until 2004 when I was in JSS2- this time it’s a drama I write and once again, I visited the printing, though another one this time. Well he treated me well and agreed to print it and I paid five hundred naira as advance without knowledge of the full price.
I returned after six or seven months, he even recognized me, so I asked for the job “bring money”, was his reply. I think I was wise or maybe it was lack of cash because I walked away from his office.

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They stood there staring at her lifeless body; they were short of words – even actions. Their struggle seemed to be over but they didn’t look relieved, at last it has happened, their worst nightmare of not being able to talk to her, care for her, love her, feed her has become a reality, Iyeye as they call her has finally lost the battle with series of illness over the past three years.
Shina checked the time, it was exactly 8:00pm in the night, and then he asked the rhetorical question, what do I do? Esther broke down in tears which she couldn’t hold back any longer. “Take Iseoluwa and go to ojo’s place, as for me I must go and inform her kinsmen at once”, said Shina as he tucked her body in as if she only fell asleep. He was shivering and when he pulled the cover cloth over her face, tears rolled down his checks, he wiped it immediately as he didn’t want Esther to see him cry. He was unaware the she had left the room until he finally turned around and couldn’t find her; he then slowly sat down on the floor and sobbed. He took out his phone to call his senior brother – Ademola, he had difficulty dialing the number with his hand that was shaking, after multiple trials he succeeded. “Hello”, the response hit him like a bullet and for the first time ever he didn’t greet but only said, “Iyeye ti ku Sir”. This increased his sob that he couldn’t say anything further. “Hmm—- Shina! Shina its okay, go to Ioso and inform her kinsmen”, replied Ademola. He hung up abruptly for he needed to sob too.
Ten minutes on, he was at Chief Onibalusi’s house (head of his mother’s family and also the Ioso kingdom) His knock was very gentle, the door slowly moved away from him revealing the Chief who putting on a confused look, “Shina what are you doing outside by this time?” “Baba Iyeye ti ku” was his reply. The chief remained motionless and speechless for roughly ten minutes before he breathed out heavily, “now go and inform Ojo, Ibukun, Asede and Dada while I head to oke ibukun” he said. He retired back to his room to pick his agbada, while Shina started east in compliance to his instruction.
They all arrived beside her corpse one after the other and by ten thirty pm they were all there.
Onibalusi began, “as you all know, she is a high Chief and must be buried at once; this means we must carry her corpse to Iwara where Koso will cleanse her soul so that she can start her journey to the world beyond. Remember; while we do this nobody must see us”
“Shina there is no time to find your brothers you have to carry her alone, we have no choice” Ojo informed. Shina bore her lifeless body on his shoulder as if she were alive. Then they began the 3 kilometers journey to the shrine. They moved at a fast pace without saying anything to each other or even themselves, they had torch with them but mustn’t put it on so as not to attract people. They had to find their way through the darkness engulfed the earth.
They journey had lasted two hours, Shina was already panting and even his pace got slow and he lagged behind. Onibalusi who led them noticed this, and that was the only time any of them spoke, “we are almost there” was the vote of confidence to Shina and that actually worked the magic of boosting his strength and perhaps, courage which began to show in the increase his pace gained. While crossing Tainjo stream Shina almost felled but was saved by Ojo.
“Welcome” Koso greeted in a low tone as he motioned to Shina to drop the corpse on a piece of whole cloth he had spread on the ground. They all sat down wearily to watch the priest carryout the atonement. He squeezed a leave until it produced water which he rubbed on her face, then killed cockerel and let the blood drop on her fore-head. He chanted incantations, sang a song which he also danced to. Finally he said, “O di abo mama” He then wrapped her with another white cloth, turning to them he said, “You are lucky, she conquered all her enemies before she died” this meant they won’t be attacked on their way to odi. “Now, who is to help her carry the sacrifice? The priest asked, silence dominated the shrine for some time until Ojo said, “O ya” “Eshe Oga Ojo” Shina thanked him immediately as they all rose, the big calabash filled out and red oil sprinkled all over bean-cakes was place on Ojo’s head. “Remember never to look back, no stopping and once you get to any crossroad drop the calabash there”
Chief Onibalusi took a digger lying on the floor and also a shovel but Asede took it from him. This time Ojo led them, followed by Chief Asede, Ibukun, Dada and lastly Shina.
The second phase of their journey then began. While crossing the Tainjo River again Shina did not fall this time for he has became more careful, his thoughts became fixed on his brother-Ademola, he imagined how bad he would be felling; his love for Iyeye knows no bounds. Shina remembered how Ademola has suffered for the past there years in the bid to save her life, he even sold his car to afford the surgical operation she had last year. He gave all he had and was ready to give more; he knew her death wouldn’t mean relief to Ademola. He couldn’t also help wondering about the other ones who neglected Iyeye during the illness, the two senior sisters who accused her of witchcraft, the first son who resides at Akure said that he as an evangelist cannot associate with his evil mother. Dare his immediate senior brother is a drunkard, he remembered he never came home that night; perhaps he has fallen asleep by the roadside as usual. He thought of all that have happened over the past three years, the quarrels, the blasphemy and even fights. Love flew out of their home. But would love be back now that she is dead? He wondered and wished; because he really wanted it back. He has missed the care he used to enjoy from his elder brothers and sisters as the baby of the house; but Iyeye’s illness had divided them.
Now they stopped at the crossroad, Ojo dropped the sacrifice and the journey continued, he started feeling pains in his legs and right shoulder, his pace got slow and this slowed down the journey. He noticed the pity his colleagues had for him but they cannot help him. After an hour more they got to the graveyard at odi, Shina looked up and marveled at the numerous heaps of sand.
They found a spot and commenced digging; they took turns with the handling of digger and shovel. The exercise lasted for almost two hours. It was a six feet deep, three feet wide and three feet long grave, also; in the process of digging they carved a chair in the grave as she would be buried sitting down. “Okay, that’s enough” Said Onibalusi. At that point Shina was asked to only stand and watch them when they gently put her down, chief Onibalusi sang a melancholy song at that moment, he continued singing as the grave was being covered up; and then, he finally broke down in tears. This gave Shina goose pimples, and then tears began to roll down his checks. He remembered the love she had for her children-including those that turned their backs on her at the face of death. She sacrificed all for their sake, like she has just done.
Asede shouted in their native tongue, “The sun has in risen in the absence of Iyeye Kuku!”
Onibalusi was still sobbing, none of them tried to console him for perhaps they knew the importance of sobbing in unburdening the heart of grieve.

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